Various weapon mechanics

Different types of weapons allows you either to do mass damage, penetrate a shield or lay a trap.

Each weapon category bears it’s own unique mechanics and
combat tactics:
– Rockets – high damage explosives
– Torpedoes – guided missiles
– Mines – explosive, magnetic and shrapnel damage traps
– Lasers – beam weapons with 100% shield penetration
– Machine guns – kinetic weapons with extra damage to unshielded targets
– Drones – autonomous ships with repairing, damage or hacking functions

Freedom of choice

You can be anyone in this world, but remember that constant danger and
tremendous fortune always go hand in hand. Start as an lone adventurer and then choose to become a pirate or a noble corvette captain in an endless war against cruelty of huge corporations.

Obtain and improve your own Space Station

In a world with no one to trust there is still a peaceful haven for you! Obtain and improve your own Space Station – different quests allow you to build a workshop, assembling line and start mining nearby resources with automated drones.

Unrestricted PVP and Full Drop

Death is not the end. In this world every station has a cloning facility.
But it comes at a price: you die – you lose all your stuff! Carefully choose routes and beware of other players. Take advantage of stealth and camouflage techniques if you care of your belongings. Seek company for protection and join your efforts for various battleground battles!

XXII century. Solar system.

XXII century. Solar system.
Discovery of rare-earth minerals in Jupiter’s asteroid belt started a new Gold Rush. You are a desperate adventurer who decides to leave Earth for the asteroid belt mining crusade.

Now you have to choose your own way: become a prospector, maintain law and order, explore the space, be a merchant or cruel space pirate. Build up your guild and own space station or join to one of the strongest factions. The choice is yours!

Project Amalthea is a top-down online sci-fi game with mostly arcade style controls, blazing fast battles and unrestricted PvP. The action takes place near the Jupiter’s moon Amalthea, center for a new Gold Rush in the asteroid belt. Game is developed by RunServer studio and now in invite-only alpha testing stage. Public testing is scheduled for 2018.