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RunServer 2.4
RunServer 2.4 Friday, 07 January 2011 15:06

RunServer updated to version 2.4. This build contains improvements and fixes among with internal modifications for 3.0 architecture migration. More information about version 3.0 can be found on our roadmap page.

Brief chagelog: 

  • deferent scheduled modes for incoming packets (sequental, random, priority-based, etc.);
  • no more slow Reflection routines for external script calls;
  • no more ByteSegment class for small buffers (use CLR ArraySegment<byte> class instead);
  • low-level systems (CustomThreadPool, JobQueue, LinkedByteQueue и другие) are moved away from RunServer.Common library and now declared as internal;
  • different improvements of data pooling and buffering;
  • selection of heuristic function for pathfinding methods (precise А* search or accelerated Greed method);
  • support for both single and double side polygons;
  • collision routines fixes;
  • memory usage for 3D geometry tweaked;
  • NavMesh format adjusted for more precise calculations;
  • misc fixes and optimizations;


Written by Nomad   
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