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RunServer 2.2
RunServer 2.2 Wednesday, 31 March 2010 12:10

We are proud to present RunServer version 2.2. Starting from this version there are Pure .Net libraries available without any native Win32 calls.

Pure .Net libraries allows creation of Mono-redy servers designed for Unix, Linux, Mac OS X and other targets. Also there is alternative network module that is based upon .Net Async Sockets with lowered latency but somewhat higher CPU and memory usage compared to Windows IOCP module.

Change log:

  • CustomThreadPool task pool now uses IOCP on Win32 and custom job queue implementation in Pure .Net mode;
  • interchangeability of low-lever network modules (ClrTcp module for .Net sockets, NativeTcp for Win32 IOCP and Distibuted module for cluster mode);
  • support of user-defined traffic encryption and decryption;
  • several randomizer and AttackTable tweaks;
  • added functionality for AttackTable to use pseudo-random chances based on statistical data;
  • new struct ArrayIList<> : IList<> for partial array enumeration without copying to another collection;
  • new database support - C# SQLite (pure C# implementation of SQLite library);
  • own ADO-compatible connection manager for C# SQLite DB;
  • added multithreaded synchronization routines for SQLite DB;
  • imroved speed and reliability of RunServer.ConversionApi library;
  • fixed false triggering of expired RunServer.Timer classes;
  • misc fixes and optimizations;
Written by Nomad   
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